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Similar giant puppets to Jakarta’s ondel-ondel (traditional giant Betawi effigies) can be found in other regions, such as parts of West Java (where it is called Badawang), Central Java (Barongan) and.

The 15-year-old and a motley crew of other kids – some as young as nine – make a living by strapping on two metre-tall, brightly coloured folk effigies known as Ondel-Ondel. The giant-headed puppets.

There are few things more terrifying to Jakarta kids than the first time they see the ondel-ondel. These massive, doll-faced puppets dance stiffly down the streets of the Indonesian capital, where.

An ondel-ondel-inspired evening dress and a modern kebaya kerancang are among Jakarta-themed designs featured at the recent Milan Design Week in Italy. At the hands of Savira Lavinia, ondel-ondel.

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Attracting over 100,000 visitors from across countries, they recreate eight Betawi icons in modern works, such as Ondel-Ondel, Kembang Kelapa.

Betawi’s traditional dance with interactive video.

Ondel ondel Lucu || Badut Mampang LincahAhok plays the unity card, but will it work so close to election day? – Last Saturday, Ahok’s team released a video that was its most ambitious and sophisticated.

s diversity – from a hijab-clad teacher to skaters hanging out with iconic Ondel-ondel; from priests,

Amid the advancement of digital technology, the culture of indigenous Jakartans, known as Betawi, is slowly fading away. The ondel-ondel puppet dance as a Betawi cultural icon is entering a period of.

Giant-sized puppets known as ondel-ondel are a centuries-old tradition belonging to Betawi people on the Java island of Indonesia. Ondel-ondel were originally made to represent ancestors who could.

Dancers from the Sasana Budaya Art Troupe in Tangerang, Indonesia performed the traditional dances of Krincing Mas Dance of Central Java and Ondel Ondel of Jakarta. The all-Filipino Dubai Vocal.

Kata Kata Anak Rantau Lucu Semenyih and Rantau by-elections. “The momentum for change and against PH is obvious as it has failed to deliver many of its election promises,” he said. It was learnt that leaders of Anak Negeri and. Game Ibu Hamil Melahirkan Di Rumah Sakit Reporter Michael Lee Pope talks about the election on the John Fredericks Show