Kata Kata Orang Sombong

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I was made to stand while her friends and her surrounded me and threw insults at me. She accused me of being “sombong” because I didn’t smile at her and greet her with “assalamualaikum” when I passed.

Khat & Zakir Naik: We’ll follow the cabinet decision, says Syed Saddiq – Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq Abdul Rahman did not give a straight answer when quizzed on whether he would retract the “bodoh sombong" label given to the Seni Khat Action Team. Syed’s.

kata bijak - sindiran untuk orang sombongAt diverse crossroads – “But if I carry a Western work culture behaviour into an organisation like Mara, people there would think I am sombong (arrogant.

citing the Malay saying ‘Apa Orang Kata ?’ as an example of Malays.

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