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Baby Shark took over the Nationals’ second half of the season and it could live on forever if they win the World Series. The song plays every time Gerardo.

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baby sharkGerardo Parra ‘for sure’ wants to bring ‘Baby Shark’ back to the Nationals next season – Gerardo Parra, known for his walkup song "Baby Shark" and aiding.

D.C. The outfielder explained how the "Baby Shark" phenomenon got its start and spoke briefly about joining the Nationals back in.

When the World Series champions visited the White House on Monday to celebrate their title, the United States Marine Corps band played Baby Shark in the background. After some early-season struggles,

The post then used a variation of the wildly popular children’s song, “Baby Shark.

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Upon arrival, Parra has been known for his awesome walk-up song, Baby Shark, as well as his timeliness on offense.

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Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu also put on the costume, which of course meant the Dodgers had no choice but to post a video of him dancing to the song. Although Parra was the first player to.

Gerardo Parra turns ‘Baby Shark’ into a rallying call – What about the song? Yes, the song, the clapping, crowd-stirring circumstance. Parra’s selection of the unshakable “Baby Shark” wasn’t intentional.

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NBC Sports Washington, NBC4 and Telemundo have teamed up to give fans something they never knew they needed – Baby Shark visors. The team’s rallying cry started out as Gerardo Parra’s walk-up song and.

Though Washington was without an elite fish of prey for a handful of years, when Gerardo Parra changed his walkup song to the ever-popular children’s tune "Baby Shark" in the middle.

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