God Of War 5

God Of War Sequel Teased As Sony Santa Monica Shares Motion Capture Image – The question right now is, when God of War 2 will arrive? Well, it’s definitely a PlayStation 5 game we can safely assume,

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There’s not a lot in God of War that needs much improvement, but there are certain things that seem pretty reasonable to.

Still, there is plenty of expectation that God of War would receive a sequel, even if nothing official has been announced. We.

Look, we all know God of War (2018) is getting a sequel. The return of Kratos was showered with near universal praise and it.

The PS5 reveal event has been so heavily leaked that even ex-PlayStation developers are calling it the "worst kept secret".

God of War and Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe suggests that a PS5 reveal is only a few weeks away, to later backtrack on.

Recently, Metacritic released its users’ Top Games of the Decade, including 3 Playstation 4 exclusives: Bloodborne (6), The.

God of War Sequel’s Mocap Work is Potentially Being Done Right Now – A new tweet from one of Santa Monica Studio’s animators could hint that the sequel to God of War is in production right now.