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Top 8 Free Android Apps for December 2018 – A typical photo editor or photography app has the usual blend of filters, effects and a bunch of handy tools to tweak the contrast and the brightness. What If I told you that there’s an app which can.

Popular OS X photo editing app Color Splash Studio has been updated with a handful of new features, but the most interesting one is the offer of a free 8×10 inch canvas print. The offer, which is live.

you can save it to the iPad’s photo library. You can also save the entire session for latter editing, e-mail the image, upload it to Facebook, or copy it to the clipboard to paste into other documents.

Huawei also included fairly powerful photo editing software on the P9 so you can add filters, perform color splash highlights (something I miss from my Lumia days), add blurring effects to standard.

Snapseed Best Color Splash Editing Tricks | Best Color Effect Android App | Snapseed Photo EditingAviary’s Photo Editor app for iOS gets Splash, a new tool to help users selectively strip out color – Aviary updated its Photo Editor app for iOS.

the color out of their shot and then ‘paint’ it back in using their finger as a brush. From the home screen, users can now tap the ‘Edit this Photo’.

Being a modern photo editor, PicsArt also lets you add text.

What you’ll love about Photoshop Express is its funky effects such as Pop Color (color splash), Duo Tone and the instant click-to-apply.

Photo editing software is keeping up, with ever-more-powerful features.

Editors’ Choice Adobe Photoshop Elements includes Guided Edits, which make special effects like motion blur or color splash.

Color Splash Studio automatically displays a black-and-white version of it, along with the program’s tools. On the right are most of the color-editing tools, while a toolbar along the top hosts.

but it also has many unique photo editing tools, and applies these professionally just in seconds with minimum effort. Some of these perfect tools are portrait mode, portrait lighting, color splash.