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t been so passionately and deeply into someone that we put them before ourselves? H.E.R.’s tune is all about that "hard.

Memorable lyric: “If she ever gives her careful heart to somebody new, well, it won’t be for a cowboy like you.” 13. Lewis Capaldi, Someone You Loved Scottish singer-songwriter Capaldi.

The lyrics are simple and direct, striving for a timeless and classic feel that mirrors.

“I was getting kinda used to.

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‘Pot and kettle?’ Love Island viewers accuse Paige of ‘hypocrisy’ over Ollie’s cheating admission – Lewis was said to be devastated after their two-year relationship came to an end, with the split inspiring him to write hit.

Fans are pretty sure this track about finally feeling safe enough with someone to fall in love with them is about Yungblud.

Fans think Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’ lyrics are proof she dated Karlie Kloss – Here’s a snippet of the following lyrics: Fans reckon the song is about losing someone you love, and therefore they think it’s about breaking up with Karlie. Then we get to the song ‘Afterglow’.

It’s one of the most honest depictions I’ve heard of what it means to be in love with someone. You can sense in his delivery of the lyrics, “I was free falling through the open sky/’Til.

Before launching into the cover, Cabello gushed about Capaldi’s hit song, saying, "The lyrics completely destroy me.

Just that line, ‘I was getting kinda used to being someone you loved.’.

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