Fungsi Blue Light Filter

HyperX Introduces New Blue Light Blocking Spectre Eyewear Collection for Youth and Adults – The Spectre Scout lineup features crystal-clear polycarbonate lenses that filter out blue light and reduce the effects of.

It’s only been a few weeks back to school and your child is already squinting at the computer screen trying to do their homework. Or maybe they aren’t sleeping as well as they did this summer.

Blue light is a buzzy idea right now. There are glasses to shield your eyes from it, and you’re constantly told to power down your digital devices before bed so that their blue light doesn’t.

During the coronavirus pandemic we are all spending a lot more time in front of screens. Here’s what to do (or not to do).

Researchers are continually releasing studies on the potential harm of blue light filters. When you stare at a screen all day and into the evening, it can affect your sleep and disrupt your body’s.

Why you should wear blue light glasses to the office – Your office is your headquarters and your home away from home, whether you choose to accept it as such or not. Most of us spend a bare minimum of forty hours a week in our ergonomically designed.

The varying texts you come across online and the glare from your screen can contribute to eye strain and can even disrupt.

By shining white light on a glass slide stippled with millions of tiny titanium dioxide pillars, researchers at the National.

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CROMWELL, CT (WFSB) – While the state is still figuring out online learning, parents are moving on to the problems that come with staring into a computer screen for six hours a day. Eye strain.